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Culinary Delights: 5 Films to Watch If You Enjoyed the Netflix Movie about Haute Cuisine

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A journey through the most flavorful films, a must-watch if you enjoyed Hunger

The most exquisite films, the most succulent stories, true cinematic feasts; among Netflix’s most watched and appreciated offerings in recent times, the Thai success Hunger is certainly one of the most delectable surprises, but by no means the first work to blend culinary art with the cinematic. Director Kongdej Jaturanrasamee rides a wave that has swept through the world of primarily television entertainment for years, eventually reaching the big screen, transforming cooking and the chef’s persona from seemingly incompatible elements with cinematic art to stylistic elements of a new genre for sensitive palates.

Furthermore, haute cuisine, driven by ever-increasing entertainment visibility, with the advent of social media and the consequent and frantic aesthetic sharing, has become more intrinsically rooted in a culture that previously didn’t recognize its artistic significance. The last two decades of cinema have indeed shown a proliferation of narrative proposals that could combine these once-distant worlds. Starting from the most recent example, The Menu, which anticipated Jaturanrasamee’s film by a few months, let’s now discover the titles of 5 movies similar to Hunger, not to be missed if you loved it.

The Menu

Ralph Fiennes and Anya Taylor-Joy star in this exclusive experience that sharply satirizes haute couture cuisine and the culinary exclusivity sought after by many today. The Menu, directed by Mark Mylod (The Big White, S(Ex) List) and released in Italy from November 2022, met the expectations of many, surprising with its freshness and thrilling elements that added originality to a genre that now boasts a decent number of films.


Written by Steven Knight (Peaky Blinders) and directed by John Welles (August: Osage County), Burnt was released in 2015 and delves into the persona of a complex chef, a brilliant cook obsessed with his work and tormented by an addiction countered only by his immense passion. Bradley Cooper, portraying the lead role, is supported by an impressive cast including Daniel Brühl, Uma Thurman, Riccardo Scamarcio, and Omar Sy.

You’ll Love Ratatouille if You Enjoyed Hunger

Brad Bird and Jan Pinkava brought to life one of the most unforgettable Pixar classics in 2007. With Ratatouille, the culinary genre meets critical acclaim, particularly from dedicated and discerning cinephiles. It’s highlighted by the iconic moment when the dreaded Anton Ego tastes the dish that reconnects him to the origins of his vocation, creating a poetic encounter between memory and cuisine, recollection and flavor.

Eat Drink Man Woman

Ang Lee’s career began in Taiwan in the ’90s, and his third feature film also brings food from the kitchen to the table and from the table to the cinema screen. In Eat Drink Man Woman (1994), Sihung Lung portrays Mr. Chu, China’s greatest chef, now retired and completely devoid of taste but simultaneously unable to let go of a creative spirit still capable of fulfilling his family’s needs.

Big Night is also Among the Films to Catch Up on if You Enjoyed Hunger

Stanley Tucci and Campbell Scott also attempted to delve into and depict the restaurant world in 1996 with Big Night, starring Tucci himself alongside Tony Shalhoub. The two Pileggi brothers, of Italian origin and owners of a restaurant on the American East Coast, find themselves deeply entrenched in a severe crisis, partly due to their inability to agree on the same approach and intense competition with their neighboring restaurateur, Pascal (Ian Holm). Faced with these challenges, they decide to exhaust their resources when an exceptional guest arrives.